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What we do

At our design studio, we offer a diverse range of architecture and design services to cater to your every need. Ora Design Studios is dedicated to creating exceptional spaces that inspire, uplift, and elevate your vision to new heights. With a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and unparalleled craftsmanship, we bring your dreams to life, one design at a time. 

How we work

As a multidisciplinary practice, we are more than just architects and designers – we are a creative powerhouse that brings together a diverse collaborators of experts in architecture, interior design, urban planning, and more. With our collective expertise and holistic approach, we seamlessly integrate various design disciplines to deliver comprehensive and innovative solutions that surpass expectations. From concept to completion, our multidisciplinary approach ensures that every aspect of your project is carefully considered, resulting in exceptional design outcomes that stand the test of time.


Our philosophy is constantly growing and evolving as new global challenges arise from environmental effects of climate change, economic instability and social generated impacts. We are visionary individuals with a unique approach towards architecture and design. Our strategy is based on the idea of creating sustainable, human-centric, innovative design solutions that invoke complete sensory experience for the user.


We begin each project with extensive research which helps us to define the brief, understand the context, inspire the creative process as well as analyse the feasibility of the project. Research also enables us to explore new, unprecedented solutions.


Models are not only used to showcase the final design proposal. At Ora, we use models throughout the project, starting from concept models, form exploration and design development. This enables us to form ideas and explore new possibilities while allowing the client to be involved throughout the process as it provides a visual aid for communication.

Who we are

Ora Design Studios thrives on collaborating with experts from diverse disciplines within the realm of architecture and design, bringing together a wealth of knowledge and perspectives to create innovative and holistic solutions.


Parth Jivrajani

Architect & Director

Parth Jivrajani is an award winning qualified Architect with an extensive experience in the field of Architecture and design with core focus on sustainability.

Parth is also a certified Yoga instructor, he leverages his expertise in internal well-being to foster an environment that promotes the well-being of all.

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